Happy Stitches, LLC

Please see
Borders and Backings for preparing your Backs.

The quilt top should be well pressed.  I will press out folds from shipping and delivery at no charge.

Threads on back should be cut short, so they don't show through lighter colored patches.

Make sure all appliqué pieces are securely attached.

If one edge is ‘the top’, safety pin a note indicating so at the top.  Same goes for the backing, if it has a
'top', please let me know.  It may not be as obvious to me as it is to you.  

Lay the top out on the floor and see how flat it lies.  Some fullness can be eased in while quilting, but
too much will cause puckers.  On-point settings, triangles and borders that don't fit the body of the quilt
cause the most problems.   If you need help getting your top flat enough, please call me.  Information on
borders is available on
Borders and Backings.

If the outer border has lots of seams, please stay stitch the edges.  

Be sure to draw my attention to anything unusual like 3-D patches, raw edges or flaps or anything else
I need to know about, but may not notice on my own.  

If you want curved corners or scalloped edges, please wait to cut the curves until after the quilting is
finished.   Same thing with embellishments.  Add them after the quilting is done.  Do not pin or baste
layers together.  Each layer has to be loaded separately.  

If you live in the Four Corners area, call me and we can arrange a convenient meeting.  My 'studio' is in
my home, so a prearranged appointment is necessary.  Otherwise--

To protect your work, put the quilt top and backing in a plastic bag before boxing it up.

Happy Stitches is not responsible for lost shipments.  I suggest you buy insurance if you want to be
reimbursed for the value of your quilt if lost during shipment.  The post office only covers $50 unless
you have receipts for the fabric.  They don't insure your time for anything.  While your quilt is in my
care I insured it for $
500, and I will insure it for $500 on the return shipping.

Call me at 505-327-3190 for my mailing address.